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Safe abortion care

Ultrasound Only
Pregnancy test

Safe Abortion Consultation
Less than 9 weeks
9 to 12 weeks
13 to 20 weeks
Conscious Sedation

Woman’s wellness screenings

Pap smear
STI Screening
(Syphilis, Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea)
STI Screening and Treatment
Comfort cream

Emergency contraception

Tablets/ Morning After Pill


Non-hormonal IUCD (with consultation)
Non-hormonal IUCD removal
Non-hormonal IUCD Check-up


Implant (3 year) (with consultation)
Implant (3 year) removal

Our Sexual Health Services

We offer a wide range of contraceptive methods and sexual and reproductive healthcare services at a number of different locations, so you can find information and access you need in a place and a way that suits you.

Trending Topics

Our vision is to raise awareness about accessibility to women’s healthcare facilities throughout the country for women who need safe and legal abortion care. Let’s work together towards a future where every birth is wanted.

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