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At 18 years old, Alice was thriving academically – she was the top student in her grade. Despite her book smarts, there was one subject about which she had no knowledge: sexual and reproductive health. Her hectic schedule meant that she only saw her boyfriend on the weekend. One night [...]

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In Thembisa’s’s home, sexual and reproductive health was a topic that was never discussed. When her parents found out she was pregnant, she felt humiliated by being labelled promiscuous; she loved her partner dearly and was always faithful to him. At 35 years old, Thembisa was dedicated to her career [...]

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Iminathi was 21 and lived in a remote, rural area in the Eastern Cape in South Africa. Her community has very limited access to safe drinking water and sanitation; every day is a struggle. She decided to move to an urban area to get a job to help her family. [...]

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